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Bringing The Healing Power Of Reiki & Yoga to Bay Shore New York

We can heal ourselves with Yoga and Love

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Customized Yoga Plans With Reiki Healing Sessions To Support And Maintain Your Bodies Ability to Heal & Maintain Vitality.

A holistic way to improving your health.

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Bringing Customized Yoga and Reiki Healing to Bay Shore, New York

Why Bija Deep Core Healing


We all feel it.

In our knees, back, neck and hands.


That's why I started Bija Deep Core Healing. 


We design a yoga sequence around your needs, goals and lifestyle.

Our customized approach insures your best results.

Call 631-748-9395 to speak to us about your needs.

Bija Deep Core Healing Process

Bay Shore Yoga and Reiki Specialist


1. set up a consultation (about an hour long) address your main issue or complaint, assess injuries, and medical ailments.

Initial Safety Class

2. about a week later we meet up again where I teach you how to do each posture safely, so you get the most benefit and reduce the risk of injury.

Asana Sequences

3. The asana sequence pages are laminated (makes them sweat proof) 

Additonal Sessions

4. We will then schedule additional sessions as needed.

The practice of yoga can be deep and quite spiritual. But it can also be full of laughter and humor. We bring both aspects together.

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70J Corbin Avenue

Bay Shore, NY 11706


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70J Corbin Avenue

Bay Shore, NY 11706


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